Three  California architects, their unconventional clients and an experimental building program radically transformed the modern house in the first half of the last century.

The architects believed newly-developed building materials and industrial methods would provide replicable models for affordable modern housing. Their clients - independent women, social reformers, visionaries, philanthropists and professionals who were making changes in their own fields - expected modern architecture to reflect their enlightened beliefs and healthy lifestyle.

They considered themselves rational and practical; but what intrigues us today is their utopian vision of the future.

This vital, 90-minute television documentary about the origins of modern architecture in Southern California will be broadcast locally on public television, with proposed later national broadcast and streaming media

In addition to  vivid live cinematography and rare archival images, it uses extensive, multifaceted on-camera interviews with descendants and associates of the participants, who have intimate personal knowledge of the subject; as well as the most prominent scholars, critics and practitioners in their fields.