ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW is the third episode, but the first to be produced, of a projected 3-part series entitled BECOMING MODERN that documents the development of modern architecture in America from its sources  in the late-nineteenth century to its maturity in the mid-twentieth century - at the doorstep to our age. 

The episodes include:

STONE TO STEEL    American architecture emerged with its first distinctive character in the period of rapid industrialization and disruptive social change that followed the Civil War.

MACHINES OF COMMERCE    The tall building was an unprecedented technological achievement that fundamentally changed our concept of what a building is, how we work, and the shape of our built environment.

ON THE EDGE OF TOMORROW   Three California architects, their unconventional clients, and an experimental building program radically transformed the modern house in the first half of the last century.



American Building Museum

We at the Museum believe that this series has the potential to enhance the public’s appreciation for architecture not just as an aesthetic and technical enterprise, but also as an expression of social, cultural, and political values.  

National Trust for Historic Preservation

[This series] has the potential to convey an important, underappreciated story to public television viewers.  It will relate how America's foremost architects, each shaped by their own time and circumstance, have...molded the built landscape we live in today.

Society of Architectural Historians

Your program puts architectural design in the context of American social and cultural history and is among the best films I’ve seen on the history of the built environment. It is an intelligent, insightful documentary.

American Institute of Architects

[This series] reveals the cultural and economic circumstances of buildings, their architects, their landscapes, and their patrons.  Its creators try to define what it means to be American. The answer  is neither straightforward nor easy—nuances that [this series] bravely addresses.

National Society of Professional Engineers

Construction Management Association of America

When  people admire a buildings they think about those who designed it and those who built it. [This series] will shine a light not only on architecture, but the engineering side of construction, providing an in-depth view of many skilled professionals of many diverse trades.